Milala Wisata Tour and Travel

Milala Wisata was established in February 2th, 2016. Tour &Travel Company which has a legal entity with the name of PT. Milala Wisata Buana authorized by KEMENHUMKAM and Dirjen Pariwisata. This tour and travel company was established in Jl. Jamin Ginting 207 Kwala Bekala, Johor Medan - North Sumatra.

Offer Services

Benefits of Milala Wisata

  1. Save, guarantee the best and transparent prices
  2. FREE web check-in service
  3. The process of paying tickets is more than 1 hour *
  4. Refund process is easy and fast
  5. Offering attractive promo, discount and cashback offers

Flow chart reservation :

  1. Select your destionation
  2. Send your inquiry from column "Booking Now" or "Plan Your Trip Now". Or you can also send inquiry from Media Social (FB, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, Etc). Our details contact can you see on the menu "Contact Us"
  3. Take a few minutes and we will reply your inquiry
  4. Make a deal with us and you're ready for tour



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